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On a recent vacation to Hawaii, my wife and I found ourselves playing tour guide, taking guests around the island, excited to show off the crashing waves, gorgeous mountains, and amazing landscape.  After a few minutes into our tour, a glance in the rearview mirror revealed our guests snoozing, taking a nap, catching some zzzz’s.  In the midst of incredible surroundings and beautiful backdrops, spectacular was exchanged for siestas.

 I think it’s something we’ve all done; like dozing during the best part of a movie, day-dreaming in class, multi-tasking in a meeting, or focusing on something petty while missing the significant.  It does seem remarkable to choose average over amazing, slumber to splendor, or snoozing over significance all because we weren’t paying attention, were sidetracked, or busy doing something else. 
Like the picture on the right, standing with all of life's possibilities in front of him, a young man contemplates.  Will he take advantage of opportunities or snooze when he should choose?  If he lives strategically, he will make the most of his opportunities and himself.  If he chooses to live intentionally, he will see predictable results.  If he chooses to think purposefully, he will be better prepared than most.

Many people believe in luck, mostly, the luck of others.  They often think people are lucky because they are smart, drive a new car, have a nice home, make good money, have lots of friends, and are successful.  Yet these “lucky” people are often scorned, envied, or looked at with contempt, only because they are living the life others may want.    

What many people deem as “lucky” is not really luck at all.  Most often, “luck” is the culmination of much effort, exertion, and energy toward a goal, plan, or strategy.  All too often, many don’t consider how “lucky” people earn, work, and achieve, or note the level of effort required for their success.
“Lucky” people are strategic in their thinking and approach in life.  They are the ones that have figured out what it takes to be successful, achieve goals, and live intentionally.  “Lucky” people are deliberate people, they are thinkers, planners, and doers.  “Lucky” people know “luck” has nothing to do with their successes, failures, or achievements.

“Lucky” people know plans, perseverance, and other people are winning lotto numbers in life.  
“Lucky” people understand the ABC’s of an intentional and strategic life; things like aspirations, belief, commitment, desire, enthusiasm, fervor, generosity, humility, integrity, justice, kindness, leadership, maturity, negotiation, objective, persuasion, qualification, reliable, success, team, undaunted, value, wisdom, yield, and zeal.